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Having lived the majority of my life in the home of pastors, I have seen the need for Pastors to share, as well as others to better understand our hearts and lives. I grew up as a pastor's kid (PK) and after graduating Bible College my husband and I took our first church when I was quite young. Come on in, make yourself comfortable, may the Lord bless and comfort you during this time (and always).

Wednesday, May 31, 2017


copyright(c)2017 Daneille Gray Snowden

As told to me by Sheila Hester

   This is a story about one of the godliest, loving ladies I know. Her life literally has been a Faith Walk.
Sheila Hester is a Pastor's Wife; who is an amazing support to her husband and church.
If you see her little frame from afar; (as she is walking with her cane and sometimes a little walker for years); you will notice HER SMILE THAT LIGHTS UP THE ROOM! Even when she is hurting!  When in a crowd, one can hear her laughter and joy as well.
At the same time; she cries and laments over souls, as well as for those who are suffering. She hugs tight and loves big.
She is well acquainted with suffering through the years battling one health issue after another, as well facing trials in normal life; especially in the ministry.
She shared with me recently what the Lord did through her and for her as she underwent serious surgery.
Most people are put to sleep but with her health issues she had to stay awake and 'feel' this procedure.

     "I had to stay awake for the surgery, it was awfully painful!  Facing a problem during surgery; I prayed out loud for the doctors to have super-duper natural wisdom to know what to do.

[The doc told me later he had never had anyone pray for him...surprising I had the presence of mind to do so.]

This was a God-thing thing for sure!  After about an hour and a half; I told the doctors I had reached the end of my coping skills & they said they couldn't give me anything yet, and said I had to lay perfectly still. 

  I prayed to God for courage and for his help. Immediately, the Heavenly Father gave me the idea to sing to get my mind off the pain. 

I asked my surgeon if it was ok to do so; he said "Anything that could keep me from moving!"   So I sang every spiritual song I could think of, and  when I got breathless;
I quoted scriptures out loud to drown out satans words to cause me fear.

It all worked!!! 

   At one point, I cried out to the doctor; "PAIN!!"    Pain was in my chest, arm and jaw!  There was no response; so, I kinda screamed-out the second time.
 [They had told me to tell them if I had any chest pain.]

About 5 people appeared, but still no response.  

YET, God suddenly gave me peace. 

  They kept asking me; 'if the pain was subsiding?' I responded with a "no."
But finally it did lessen;  and they went on with surgery as they gave me benedryl to relax me.

I wasn't sleepy, but it helped.   Isn't our Father protective of his children?!?!
  When I was in recovery;  they pulled out 5 of "tubes" and then put pressure on my arteries.  One clotted and did well.

So, the  extra nurses left because an emergency came and they rushed off to help. 
When the nurse pulled out the artery tube, my blood wouldn't stop and I was bleeding out.

I was crying and screaming from the pain and from seeing all the blood!

  She was up on the bed with me putting pressure on my artery. Very calmly telling me to breath.  I had stopped crying and was holding my breath. I became calm plus the pain was tolerable.

  I looked at the nurse on top of me and saw she was sobbing. 
I told her I was okay; and this is when she opened her heart and shared with me.

She told me that she was raised Jehovah Witness.  And exclaimed that she wanted to hear about this Jesus ( I guess I was screaming for Jesus to help).

  I started telling her all about my Father-God and answered her questions, when another nurse came in; so I stopped talking & she said, "No...go on!
I want to hear about your Jesus. And that speaking in tongues thing!"

So, for 45 minutes;  I got to talk about my Sweet Savior. I told them to get a Holy Bible, go to the New Testament (I had to explain what the New & Old Testament was).

I told them all I could at that moment; that they could read for themselves and to ask the Holy Spirit (which I explained) would  teach them truth and told them how to receive  salvation. 

Out of the horror, God blessed (used) me to get to witness to the surgical team and two nurses!!! 

When they were getting ready to roll me away, I hugged the nurse and thanked them for saving my life. The nurse said I was bleeding out,  we both started crying.

I thanked God for using my sweet nurse to save my life!
In addition, God had told my older sister I was in trouble and she prayed for me.

God is such a hoot!😂I am home, VERY LITTLE pain.
My blood pressure and  heart rate is fine and I feel GREAT! 

Oh, Daneille;  remember my story of help & deliverance when y'all get on the mission field!!!   When you can't go on....God takes over! And no matter how weak you may feel; 

God will always honor your 'will' to witness of His great Love!" 💗
Sheila Hester
Pastor's Wife at Assembly of God
Odin, IL

Would you like to send Sheila a note?
Write her at:
To Sheila Hester
C/O:  Odin Assembly of God Church
PO Box 309
Odin, IL 62870-0309

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