From The Heart Of Pastors

Having lived the majority of my life in the home of pastors, I have seen the need for Pastors to share, as well as others to better understand our hearts and lives. I grew up as a pastor's kid (PK) and after graduating Bible College my husband and I took our first church when I was quite young. Come on in, make yourself comfortable, may the Lord bless and comfort you during this time (and always).

Friday, January 1, 2016

Positives Of Being A Pastors Kid

Our daughter Felecia just started a new blog for pastor's kids. She just graduated high school and is on the road to a new life in Christ. We hope this bless you. Do click on the link provided, taking you to her page.
Positives Of Being A Pastors Kid
by Felecia Mary Snowden  

"Many times when Pastor's kids talk about what it's like to live with that title, we tend to exploit the negatives; but rarely think of the many positives that come with it! There are so many different characteristics that we develop, sometimes without even noticing. Most of these, are......"  CLICK HERE