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Having lived the majority of my life in the home of pastors, I have seen the need for Pastors to share, as well as others to better understand our hearts and lives. I grew up as a pastor's kid (PK) and after graduating Bible College my husband and I took our first church when I was quite young. Come on in, make yourself comfortable, may the Lord bless and comfort you during this time (and always).

Sunday, December 13, 2015


copyright(c)Daneille Gray Snowden 2015

 by Daneille Gray Snowden
(Ordained minister, teacher, Pastor's Wife for 24 years)

1.) Truly, most important to Pastors: LET THEM KNOW YOU LOVE THEM, APPRECIATE THEM & PRAY FOR THEM.
2.) To see the Body they minister to is moving forward as ONE in Christ. Praying together, ministering together and even fellowshipping with one another.
3.) Pastor's want their children; 'LOVED ON!' Don't forget the PK! They need affirmation too, and love, attention + appreciated.
     a.) Small children: Colorfully wrapped presents that fit the age, and sex of the child.
          Ex.: My children received games, stuffed toys, cars, dolls, education toys. Them opening such presents gave them the 'feel' of being loved. Even today, my kids still have a special toy they cherish from certain one's in the church. Those folks truly feel like 'extended-aunts & uncles or gr.parents'.
     b.) Teens: give them music (Christian) - ITunes, CD's, etc. Gift certificates to a clothing store, Christian concert, restaurant.

4.) $$$$  you cannot go wrong with a gift of money. Some pastor's are struggling and will not convey that to their people. They do the best they can. Many sacrifice -- simply because they love the Lord & the people they serve. 
      a.) SOMEONE in the church must rise up and instigate a collective offering and card for many to sign.
      b.) Sun. School debt.'s (all the classes & teachers) per class put together a gift, offering & card for their pastors.
      c.) Woman's min./Men's / Youth -- contribute $, or just a card to show their love, support and prayers to their pastor.

5.) Gift Certificates:
   a.) Their favorite restaurants, stores, places you know they frequent.
   b.) Do you know if they use an online product for health needs...herbs, vitamins, foods?
   c.) Computer Software
   d.) What person doesn't want electronics...cameras, computer software, phones, phone cards...etc...
6.) Pastor's Wife: She is the backbone -- mostly the one who is creating, administrating, counseling, praying (& praying)...etc. Gift Certificate TO:
    a.)  to a hair salon.
    b.)  to a coffee shop.
    c.) to Dept. Store
    d.)  to a spa...for a massage
7.) Send the family on a vacation! A weekend away or a week.
8.) Send them to their Minister's Retreats through their organization/denomination. And or, the yearly ministers meetings and or conference to help edify them.
9.) Babysitting coupons for monthly date nights.
10.) Help pay for their car; or car repairs.
12.) Plane ticket, $ to rent a car to visit an ailing parent, or adult child far away.
13.) Give them love by organizing the Body to make sure each month of the year that a person or family invites the Pastor over for a meal, or brings them a meal. GESTURES OF LOVE.
14.) Congregation Pray over their pastors in a service (every once in awhile).
Clothes (including ties)
trinkets (those add up through out the years)


  1. Great ideas! Our church asked us about a month ago to compile a Christmas Wish list for each member of our family (similar to how we did as kids). They then made up gift tags and hung them on our church Christmas tree. Different members of the church chose a tag and purchased a gift. After our Christmas Fellowship time on Sunday they had our family gather around the tree and they passed out gifts to each of us and had us open them. It was very very thoughtful, personal, and warm. Truly like a family Christmas, lots of fun and laughter and teasing. The kids felt very honored, special and appreciated. We got such a wide variety of gifts and they were all so personal and special.

    1. what an amazing church to do this for their pastor


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